Gemma Bailey Presents

"How to Overcome Obstacles & Get The Career You Really Want!"

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Are you doing what you really wanted to do when you grew up?

Find out the top reasons why people fail to make the jump from doing their job, to doing their DREAM job - and how you can overcome those obstacles.

If you've been suffering with the Sunday night fear or the Monday morning blues, it might just be that you've got stuck doing a job that doesn't entirely tickle your fancy.

Stop wishing the week away and living for the weekend. It's time to join the "I love Monday's" club!

We can't all be Richard Branson, but on the basis that most people spend more time at work than they do with their friends and family, it's worth looking at the things that might be holding you back from making the jump into a job you'd really love.

Gemma will help you gain clarity on the best suited vocation for you, share techniques and guidance for overcoming fears of rejection, developing your credibility in a new field and how to use your limited time to focus your attention in a new direction.

Whether you are looking for the promotion of a lifetime, a complete career switch or to start up your own thing, Gemma will provide her insights into how to move from being stuck, to being fulfilled.

Using 4 years of experience in recruiting franchisees and 11 years of studying the decision making processes that people use she will highlight the limited thinking that people have that keeps them tied to the safety of a boring job.

As Jerry Maguire said: "If you come with me, this will be the moment of something new, and fun, and inspiring in this GOD FORSAKEN business. And we will do it together."