Lucy Whittington Presents

Lucy Whittington on "Find Your Thing and Get Famous For It!"

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Stop doing what you’re good at and do what you’re brilliant at instead – do your Thing! Find out where find it (your Thing), and what to do with it when you do.

This is about using your star value to stand out like a business celebrity. It’s how YOU make your marketing easy, your sales simple and your business profit from personality.

Lucy Whittington helps business owners who dream big and entrepreneurs become Business Celebrities. She helps people find their Thing and get famous for it.

She shares in her talks how to:

  • Explain easily to people what you do in a way that creates intrigue (and gets you remembered)
  • Be super-confident that no-one does what you do in the way that you do it
  • Tell stories to sell more
  • Make your marketing super-easy (when you do your media Thing)
  • Stand out when you attend a meeting, networking group, conference or event or just hanging out online...
  • Have people instantly ‘get you’ so they don’t look elsewhere (bye bye competition)