Patrick M. Powers Presents

"Getting More Clients with Less Effort"

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At this event, we will have a presentation by Patrick Powers on "How to Get More Clients with Less Effort".

Patrick Powers started his first business at 21 and went bankrupt really fast. In that process he lost his home, his car... everything. After that experience he got "a bit" risk averse and began his quest for ways to start a business with little or no risk.

Finally... 10 years ago he got his act together. He started his first successful business for £200 and retired a year later at 36. Since then he has been travelling the world enjoying the lifestyle and teaching marketing and persuasion strategies.

This is for the people who are saying "next year I'll start my business". Or I'll start my business WHEN I get the funding. Well... we all know that day will never come for most people.