Robert Kelsey Presents

"Seven Steps to Overcoming Fear of Failure"

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The talk is in three parts:

Understanding Fear of Failure

Accepting Fear of Failure as part of you.

Seven Steps to Overcoming Fear of Failure.

Work out what the hell has been holding you back all these years (while your potentially less-intelligent peers have excelled). Get to the bottom of all those negative personality traits – and why you have them. And develop a path to a better, more positive future. “Those with fear of failure need a map,” says Robert Kelsey. “But I can’t give you a map. You have to create your own map. What I offer – I hope – is guidance on how to go about drawing such a map: in draft, fuzzy at the edges, with plenty of ‘here be dragons’ elements: but a map nonetheless. Something you can grasp and regard as you cut through the thicket”.