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Are people born charismatic and influential or can it learnt? 

Imagine how much confident you would be in social and work situations if you knew exactly how to start and control an interesting conversation.

I personally believe that people can learn conversation and influence skills. I know this because I have been teaching this material for many years and I can see just how much learning these skills can change people's lives. I have hundreds of emails from people who have been through this workshop with success stories about how they have applied what they have learnt into their everyday life.

Conversation and social skills are dying art forms. The internet may have connected us, but it is breaking down our ability to communicate face to face. Text messages, Twitter, emails and Facebook are creating a new way of speaking and communicating that is highly ineffective for creating a genuine human connection.

For many years I worked as a head trainer at a male dating training company, and for a short time at a female dating company. I have also worked as a therapists for many years in the field of hypnosis. Added to this I have set up and run a variety of small businesses including Interesting Talks.

I have a unique perspective on conversation and communication skills that are highly effective in the real world. Teaching people the skill and art of effective communication is something I love to do, so I thought I would bring all the skills together and present it as a 1 day workshop.

In this 1 day workshop we will be covering:


  • How to plan and research your interactions
  • How to start, direct and end a conversation
  • How to keep interactions going using social media (SMS, Facebook etc)
  • Put people into any kind of emotional state or mood that you choose How to ask proper question
  • How to use time distortion to make people think they have known you for a long time
  • How to make effective statements about people and read their minds
  • Eliciting amazing experiences and emotions in people so they want you around
  • The different positions of rapport and power
  • The difference between what people say and what people do
  • Active Listening and how to use peoples own words to build rapport
  • Amazing persuasion skills that allow you to guide people into making a decision
  • How social and group dynamics really work
  • How appearance, status and location dramatically affect communication
  • How to prepare for meetings, conversations, parties etc
  • How to create your own systems you can go and practice
  • The most common mistakes people make in conversation
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This workshop is going to be highly practical with a range of exercises throughout to practice the skills. There will be a set of notes to take away and you will create a solid plan of how to go and practice.

This workshop is open to both men and woman and for any skill level. It will be based on NLP and hypnosis, however no prior experience is required. Absolutely everything is explained and demonstrated clearly.

This workshop is really suitable for the following groups of people;

Social - How to meet new friends and form social circles

Sales people – learn how to massively connect and influence sales people

Therapists/coaches – how to really understand people’s situations and building rapport

Entrepreneurs – how to connect with clients and sell your ideas

Dating – all these skills are amazing in the dating world for both men and women

Bosses/leaders – learn how to influence groups of people

Recently separated – are you recently separated and want to build new social circles, this is perfect for you

Networkers – learn how to connect and network with people

I have been lucky enough to train with some of the best influences in the world. All the skills I am going to be teaching work in the real world and have a strong basis in psychology and human behaviour. I will be doing multiple demonstrations to show you exactly how these skills work and also how to apply them in your own life.

All the skills I will be teaching are ethical. Although some of it is based in hypnosis, these skills are to help you become a better communicator and influencer for the better.

How do you know that these skills work? Judge me by my results. I have created the largest Meetup group of it's kind in the world using these skills. Please also see the extensive feedback from past attendees. Please also feel free to research all the past events for the comments and feedback.


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Here is the feedback from the last workshops;

Sarah Smith: Using the skills from this course I managed to get a £8,000 pay rise at work within a week. This is the best money I have spent this year. I wanted to give Matt more money for this course but he refused and just got me to buy him a drink instead.

Marcus: Being a Psychologist I attended this course out of curiosity, but not expecting much. I can honestly say that the information was excellent, the techniques are very useful and overall I learnt a lot more than I expected. I have recommended a lot of colleagues to attend this workshop and Matt is one of the best trainers I have ever seen.

Khalid H: In summer I paid over £2000 to attend a similar course this one and at the end there was a big sales pitch. At Matt's event I spent less than one percent yet learned a hundred percent more. He knows his stuff inside out and demonstrated everything. Also no up sells at the end. Completely genuine guy who anyone can learn a lot from.

Jackson: I have been attending workshops for 10 years. This was one of the cheapest but one of the best. Most trainers never demonstrate their techniques, Matt did about 4-5. I thought he was using stooges until one of the subjects was myself. Extremely pleased I went and I will be going again if he runs it.

Helen: I came from Ireland to attend this event on the recommendation of a friend who attended last year. 100% worth the time and money. I used just one technique to speak to my sister who I have a difficult relationship with. I was able to really connect with her and rebuild our relationship. I can not thank Matt enough.

Kim "The workshop was excellent! Very informative and well delivered. I left feeling inspired."

Michelle King "Great unique information, able to apply straight away. Thanks Matt! See you after summer break!"

Michelle "Great class Matt. Thank you."

Uma Selvarajah "Interesting day. Will try out some of the methods in real life!"

Leeanne "Matt is an amazing teacher. Really enjoyed the workshop - lots of practical advice and would highly recommend to anyone"

Connor Macgregor "Really enjoyed this. I recommend to anyone with an interest in this sort of thing."

Mauro Poletto "Great workshop: practical and well tested techniques were taught in a fun way."

David Bailey "Great day. Practical and easy to apply."

Asif "Really enjoyed the workshop. Some really interesting points! Thanks Matt"

Nicolle "Matt promised the afternoon would be fun, and it was. Great bunch of people and some good learnings to take away and practise."

Arvy "Great topic been chosen by Matt. Learned a few things which really can help to make new meaningful connections. Our turn to implement that, thanks Matt."

Silvia E. Kundrath "Great! Thoroughly enjoyed it, learned a lot and implemented straight away."

TomC "Really good day, very well presented, tremendous value and enjoyable social time with a real nice group of people afterwards (6 of us ended up in Covent Garden at gone 10pm)!"

Phil "Very practical information that you can start using immediately. I felt like the material was good for people of all levels"

Juliet "Very informative - certainly gave me food for thought and tools to use. Very pleased I went."

Martin "Fabulous, simple straight forward methods to successful conversations, thanks Matt for sharing your knowledge and experience."

Sonya "Lots of fun, lots of material. I met new people in a short space of time. There's definately a whole load of work I can now be getting on with.Thanks Matt."

Martin "Time well spent: lots of valuable ideas and techniques for starting, maintaining, and directing interesting conversations."

Andy Wade "Fantastic 4 hours with a lot of material to go through. Really looking forward to having more productive conversations in the years to come. Thanks for putting this together Matt."

Gerry B. "A really good day. There was a lot of material covered in a short space of time, and in a fun way."

Katrina "This was my first time attending a talk like this and I quite liked the smaller cosy group format with a relaxed atmosphere. Nice balance of information and exercises, relevant selection of social and work related tips that one can put into practice straight away and I really enjoyed the humorous side of Matt. Great session, thanks!"


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